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Flame Engulfs St. Jude Transit along SLEX
Photo: (C) Dennis Cabral Datu

Flame Engulfs St. Jude Transit along SLEX

St. Jude Bus from Legazpi City and on its way to Cubao burns along SLEX

Yesterday's mishap along South Luzon Expressway (SLEX) left fears among dozens of passengers who saw the accident. The bus with plate number EVG-209 burst into flame as it travelled on the northbound lane of SLEX. The incident occurred around 5:57a.m. on Sunday. 
According to witnesses, they already noticed an unusual noise generated by the vehicle while they were still in Alabang, Muntinlupa but the driver continued to manuever the bus until they reached Bicutan. The moment they arrived Villamor exit, several passengers were alarmed when they started  to feel the rise of temperature inside the bus. The condition became worse prompting the driver to pull over.
Photo: (C) Dennis Cabral Datu
A certain passenger who was among the the first to get off the vehicle immediately noticed a fire coming out of the mid-section of St. Jude Transit. Many passengers hurriedly alighted from the vehicle and others even jumped from the windows to escape from the burning bus.
The driver, identified as Joel Daguiso, reportedly claimed that they notice a foul smell prior to the blast. He attempted to put out the flame but the fire extinguisher loaded in the bus wasn't enough. Some sources also said that no one knew what was exactly going on.
At around 6:20 a.m., the members of Villamor Air Base and Skyway patrol arrived at the scene. The entire northbound lane of SLEx had to be closed until the bus was removed.
Photo: (C) Dennis Cabral Datu
Luckily no one was badly hurt in the accident. However, several chickens brought by the passengers, which were locked at the luggage compartment, were totally toasted.
The bus driver, who has been with the company for 15 years, is now under the custody of the PNP-Highway Patrol Group for further interrogation.
Meanwhile, the accident raises doubts among passengers whether the buses of St. Jude Transit Inc. are safe for commuters or not.

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