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Video: Part 1 of Abbie Tolentino Figueroa Scandal Spread on Facebook

Video: Part 1 of Abbie Tolentino Figueroa Scandal Spread on Facebook

Part 1 of the alleged video scandal of Abbie Tolentino Figueroa is making rounds on the internet particularly on Facebook after a someone intentionally uploaded the copy of the sex video on the social networking site.

The super sexy car show model Abbie Tolentino Figueroa is currently in hot waters after the video of her private intimate moments with a man believed to be her boyfriend has been posted online. Netizens don't have to search the download links of the clips because copies of the scandalous footage are all over the social media.

Part 1 of Abbie Tolentino Figueroa's viral scandal video runs for nearly two minutes where she is seen bare naked with her sexy back and very nice curves are captured to the camera held by her partner. In the video, Abbie Tolentino started off by riding her man while her sideboob is clearly exposed. 

In no time, Abbie started to give pleasure to the guy who is only identified by netizens as "Kent Mnl". She rubbed her lower body part and later did a little more action, wildly pumping and twerking her ass while staying on top of the man.

Several internet users were mesmerized with her outstanding performance seen in the video. Netizens also gave praises on how she perfectly shake her waist.

Towards the latter part of the video scandal, Abbie Tolentino Figueroa changed position and the camera was also directed on a different angle capturing her two goodies. The guy is also seen reaching her breasts and gently squeezed her boobs.

In this particular bed scene, some important features and body marks were captured in the video. The most noticeable tattoo located on her breast is exactly the same to the tattoo marks that we see on her photos that are available online. Because of this evidence, many people really believe that the woman in the video is indeed Abbie Tolentino.

The beautiful model is obviously the subject of the sex videos but the guy in the clip is also dragged into the controversy since he was the one recording the footage. Judgmental netizens quickly came up with the conclusion that the man could potentially be the suspect of the leaked video.


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