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Dried Fish Thief "Walk of Shame" in Tanauan Batangas?
An unidentified thief walks around the public market for his punishment called "walk of shame".

Dried Fish Thief "Walk of Shame" in Tanauan Batangas?

Is the "Walk of Shame" an acceptable punishment for the dried fish thief in Tanuan City, Batangas?

An amateur video showing an unidentified man, who was allegedly caught stealing boxes of dried fish in Tanauan, Batangas was instructed to walk around the wet market bearing a sign that says "Ako'y magnanakaw. 'Wag akong tularan." The controversial punishment is called "walk of shame". 
In the said video, the thief is seen walking around the public market with a bag of dried fish tied to his hands. While he was at the middle of the crowd, a personnel asked him to shout his name. Tanaun City Mayor Antonio Halili reportedly ordered the Civilian Security Unit personnel to punish the thief.
According to Commission on Human Rights (CHR), Mayor Halili and CSU personnel may face charges when proven that they committed cruelty to the suspect. A lawyer of CHR said that the government officials violated the rights of the thief including violation of due process and maltreatment of the man. The lawyer argued that there should be proper chanelling and handling of the suspect.
Our fearless take on this case.
Before we proceed, we would like to ask a simple question. Why the hell in the world the higher public officials in the Philippines failed to implement such barbaric punishment to these people?
It is evident that justice in the Philippines is only available to rich suspects. Money plays a big roleAnother factor is authority. If you are a politician, you become untouchable like themMost of all is influence. If you are too influential in the society, you can dictate the law
Now, if someone from the working class committed a mistake, the government even forget how much taxes these people pay each year! How does that sound? Isn't it shameful to have a government like this? 
Unfortunately, another sad reality, at the end of the day no government official would care to listen to us! 

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