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[Video]Watch Chocolate Scandal Showing The Comedian Kissing A Very HandSome Man

Netizens flooded their Facebook statuses with hashtags #ChocolateScandal and #ChocolateScandalVideo that link to the footage of Chokoleit showing him kissing a very handsome man.

The scandalous video of comedian and TV host 'Chokoleit' is currently the most searched topic in Facebook. Netizens ware wanting to watch the #ChocolateScandal video which allegedly show the famous stand-up comedian kissing a handsome guy at a certain bar.

If you were caught in a situation kissing a handsome guy and you belong to an LGBT, what would be your first reaction? Will you issue a public statement to defend yourself or will you let your bashers unleash all their negative comments at you?

Content of the video scandal

The length of the clip runs for 65 seconds only but it exactly captures important angles of the scandalous moment between Chokoleit and the handsome guy. When we say 'handsome' it's literally the equivalent of it. Don't be surprised when you watch the video at the end of this article because the guy looks so hot as well!

Right from the start of the video, Chokoleit is already seen hugging and kissing the man. The comedian played his tongue with the guy too while some surrounding people are teasing them to do more. Now, imagine this lip-locking scenario happening for over a minute. 

A person who belongs to an LGBT group having a sexual affair in public isn't yet fully accepted in the Philippines. Majority of the people find it gross when seeing a gay lip locking to a man.

Philippines is densely populated with Catholic individuals and other religious groups. The case of Chocoleit kissing the handsome guy is still a taboo.

People who are openminded and liberated, however, defended Chokoleit over the harsh feedback of several netizens.

Watch the viral #ChocolateScandal video of the 44-year-old stand-up comedian 'Chokoleit'. Don't forget to share your views and reactions via the comment section at the bottom of the page.


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