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Wild Teenagers In SMC Scandal Video Trends on Social Media

Wild Teenagers In SMC Scandal Video Trends on Social Media

Young and wild teenagers are the stars of SMC scandal video, the latest clip allegedly involving local residents in Pagadian city.

One particular blog posted an article regarding this viral story where it narrated the content of the video that runs for around 21 minutes. In the said post, the young boy and girl are intimately performing sexual act in front of a camera.

Our team tried to research this particular to validate if this story really exists. We tried looking for the SMC scandal video on several social networking sites thinking that we can easily find the original copy of it. Unfortunately, after long hours of searching multiple combination of related keywords and hashtags, we didn't find the clip on Facebook.

We turned to some adult websites and luckily we immediately found the right video that has been popularly called SMC sex scandal video or simply #SMCscandal.

In a different blog site, we also learned that the wild teenagers in the video are students Southern Mindanao College. Probably that makes the title relevant to the school since they call it "SMC scandal".

What are the scenes in the SMC scandal video?

Aside from expecting the sexual encounter, one notable aspect of the video is that they were comfortably doing it inside the comfort room. What we mean on that is it appears to us that they are repeatedly doing this in the area.

No one can conclude that they are already married or living under one roof since they look so young but how they did their sexual actions appeared so ordinary to them.

Meanwhile, as of writing, the administration of the colleged linked to this controversial video has not issued any comment yet. Also, none of the blog sites that we visited verified that the teenagers in the SMC scandal are really enrolled in that particular school.


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